In its pursuit of one-stop storage shop superstardom, StorageTek has bought Storability Software and got hold of its enterprise storage resource manager product.

StorageTek is building a comprehensive information lifecycle management (ILM) product set to provide more storage tiers and facilities than any other supplier. As part of that, it needs to offer large customers the ability to review potentially thousands of individual elements of their storage set-up and see how much they cost, how well they perform and whether they are worth it.

Storability was a storage service provider (SSP) that refocused on development and sales of the software it used to manage storage for its SSP customers. It recently announced Global Storage Manager v4 which added business analytic functions to its existing heterogeneous storage element viewing and monitoring. The analytic functions and available actions vary according to user level. A storage administrator would get information that simplifies daily operations and so increases data availability.

Tim Leisman, Storability's CEO, summed it up: "GSM Version 4 is the only ESRM solution that takes storage management one step further by providing actionable information to every level of the organisation.” GSM v4 can identify all servers and file-systems that are not part of a scheduled backup job. It can show how much storage each application is using on a particular device and ensure the right device is being used for each type of data. It can identify all tapes in an environment that contain expired backup images, and can be reused for new backups.

These capabilities are a natural fit with StorageTek's ILM strategy. The financial terms were not disclosed but we can be sure that Storability staff will now be feeling much richer.