StorageTek has two proprietary tape formats and these are falling behind in the capacity stakes. Its T9840C holds 40GB and its T9940B holds 200GB. IBM's recently announced 3592 holds 300GB and it uses Fujifilm's Nanocubic coating technology. LTO3 will hold 400GB next year and Sony's SAIT holds 500GB.

StorageTek has announced joint development agreements with Fuji Photo Film Co and Imation to develop next-generation tape media for StorageTek manufactured tape drives. Fujifilm and Imation will work independently.

"StorageTek's selection of Fujifilm is another key endorsement of our proprietary Nanocubic technology," said Steven Solomon, senior vice president and general manager, Computer Products Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.

Details of the next generation drive have not been released but we might speculate about a first generation delivering 400-500GB raw capacity, with a roadmap out to a terabyte cartridge, which is achievable, Fujifilm says, with its coating technology.