Storage supplier 3Par's Carbon Neutral Storage Initiative has reduced and offset CO2 emissions equivalent to taking 2,300 cars off the road, the company has claimed.

The firm estimated that in 2007 it replaced around 11,000 terabytes of traditional capacity with 4,367 terabytes of thin storage through provisioning and thin copy technologies. It said customers running fewer discs and its offsetting commitment cut CO2 emissions by 12,000 metric tons.

David Scott, CEO of 3PAR, said: "While other storage vendors have built their business models on under-utilised capacity and thousands of tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions, we are providing a desperately needed green alternative for datacentres around the world."

The company offsets carbon emissions through a carbon deal with TerraPass, under which it buys credits for each terabyte of capacity managed through thin provisioning. In 2007 it says it purchased credits to offset 4,367 metric tons of CO2 emissions. TerraPass funds clean energy and carbon reduction projects including wind power and landfill gas capture to create verified offsets for the emissions generated by disc drives.

The firm said UK marketing firm CACI and PR outfit Edelman were awarded its "Think Thin, Think Green" accolade and 1,000 additional carbon offsets in recognition of their capacity-saving efforts and green storage practices.