Sony has warned customers to stop using certain laptops from its Vaio range after a number caught fire.

In a notice to customers Sony said, "It has come to our attention that some of the internal, non-removable battery packs provided to us by a third party supplier and included in the Vaio Fit 11A have the potential to overheat, resulting in partial burns to the housing of the PC."

The models affected by the problem were released by Sony in February 2014. The battery packs in question were manufactured in China, and it is believed the third party supplier who provided them was Panasonic.

Sony said, "If you have one or more of the Vaio Fit 11A models listed please immediately discontinue use, shut down and unplug the PC.

"We are currently identifying affected PCs by serial numbers and developing a programme to repair or replace the affected PCs at no charge, or to refund the purchase price for the affected PCs."

Sony said the returns programme would not be ready to start until up to two weeks time. As the battery packs are not removable it means users will be left with no laptop during the period.

Battery packs with the product name SVF11N1XXXX are affected. Sony told Reuters it knew about three laptops catching fire so far.

It is reported that Sony has shipped 26,000 Vaio Fit 11A laptops to 52 countries since its launch.

Lenovo recalled more than 150,000 ThinkPad laptop batteries last month after a similar potential fire hazard.