Network management company, Solarwinds, has released a new version of its ipMonitor network monitoring system.

ipMonitor v9.0 is the first version of the product to be developed since Solarwinds acquired the eponymous developer last April. According to Kenny van Zant, chief product strategist with Solarwinds, the product builds on the work that ipMonitor did before it was acquired, with Solarwinds’ own user interface. “The user interface has been completely rewritten,” said van Zant. “We now offer users of ipMonitor an interface very similar to our Orion product.”

He said that the product was aimed at the small and medium business market – those with under 500 PCs. “The IT people in these companies are IT generalists rather than specialists. We offer them an all-in-one product that means that they don’t have to work out their own settings for applications and servers across the network. The product does the monitoring settings for the user,” added van Zant. “Although, he pointed out, “IT managers could over-ride those settings if they wished to.”

The product is web-based and agent-less meaning that users do not have to interrupt critical applications to deploy it. The product is already available, European pricing starts from 1,200 euros (£900) said van Zant.

The ipMonitor launch is the first announcement since Solarwinds opened its European office last October. According to Van Zant, the company has had a successful opening period in terms of enquiries and downloads and it was time to build on that interest.