Softek has extended support for its Storage Manager and SANView products to Novell's NetWare OS.

Storage Manager now supports NetWare 5 and 6 O/S products natively, on top of the existing Windows, Solaris, HPUX, Linux OS/390 and z/OS.

Other improvement include support for more than 1,000 servers with an up-to-fivefold increase in data collection speed. File system scanning has been increased by a factor of ten and active management of hundreds of millions of files is touted.

Data collection scheduling has been improved. For example reduced information, such as server capacity, can be collected which reduces the network burden.

A master console can aggregate file system and server information across multiple instances of Storage Manager enabling it to manage multiple sites from a central location.

When new servers are added or old ones removed, admin staff can more easily alter the managed environment to reflect this. If server consolidation occurs, the file system details from a replaced server can be moved to a new one to avoid re-scanning.

The SANView component of Storage Manager has been extended to show allocated and unallocated storage space from a HW viewpoint and also from a server perspective. A future development is planned in which the correlation of physical to logical storage assets will be shown.

Softek sees a need for more active storage management. Admin staff need to have a framework encompassing users, processes and tools, and which can be used to make storage available to applications. Storage use needs to be optimised amd this means support for data lifecycle management and data compliance.

Storage Manager will be extended later this year to develop storage performance management facilities, manage compliance matters with retention policies, better support information lifecycle needs with data migration and e-mail message and attachment management.

Raymond Paquet, vice president and research director at Gartner, views this as an active management solution and said Gartner is advising its clients "to place higher priorities on active management solutions when developing a roadmap for enterprise tool purchase".