Fujitsu is getting ready to sell off over 50% of its subsidiary company Fujitsu Softek, which specialises in storage management software. Softek plans to use the money raised to go on the acquisition trail.

"We have the opportunity to grow significantly via outside investors," says Scott Kennedy, Softek's vice president of strategic business development. "We need capital funds to do a load of stuff, and Fujitsu has already paid out a lot of cash."

He says that the company has a major bank ready to bring in private investors. "It will be one of the largest private equity rounds in storage for several years," he adds.

Kennedy says that Softek has learnt a lot from past acquisitions, such as the software arm of Fibre Channel switch maker Vixel and the rights to DataCore's SANsymphony virtualisation software.

"Our next acquisitions will be accretive," he says. "Out of 430-odd companies in storage around the world, around 140 have some interesting technology, and of those 80 are software focused." He suggests that the interesting ones are those that have worthwhile intellectual property and are making money, but are small and are presently stuck at that size.

"We will also be more focused on our channel partners," he adds. "We have 50 globally and we want 100 to 125, but we don't want 20,000 like Veritas - they're just eating each other's children."