SNIA-Europe is asking exhibition organisers to move their storage events to different dates after last year's fiasco, which saw three separate events take place on the same dates.

"They may be local shows, but the same companies have to support them, and they don't all have enough resources," says SNIA-E treasurer Peter Coleman. "They're not on the same week this year, but they're consecutive at the moment, which is still a challenge. It would be better to have them at least a week apart."

The events were Stockage in France, Systems in Germany and the UK's Storage Expo. Coleman says that SNIA-E is committed to support all three again, plus CeBIT, Networks for Business in the UK, Storage Networking World-Eurostorage which is on this week in Cannes, and a new exhibition, Networks Telecom Stockholm.

In Cannes, SNIA-E has just completed its merger with the Fibre Channel Industry Association Europe and had the first meeting of the combined group's newly elected committee.

Coleman says the next step will be for SNIA in the US to turn regional groups such as SNIA-E into affiliates instead of subsidiary forums. "That will make us a legal entity in Europe, with full control of our own budget," he says.