SMC is to tap into the growing interest in virtualisation by offering 10Gbit NIC cards to speed up data transfer within datacentres.

The company has teamed up with Solarflare to develop wirespeed acceleration using both 10Gigabit Ethernet and 10GBaseT PHY technologies.

Iain Kenney, director of product marketing for SMC, said that there was a growing interest in virtualisation and that the new cards would be attractive to organisations interested in speeding up data transfer.

"There's a growing interest in employing virtualisation within datacentres as a means of reducing energy costs. And one of the biggest uses of servers is for storage … We see this technology as appealing particularly for storage."

He said that while NIC wasn't the sexiest technology around, the new cards were an exciting development. "They're not just NICs; we’ve had to work with both VMware and Xen to make sure that the cards can handle virtualised operating systems as the support for virtualisation is built into the drivers," Kenney said.

SMC is attempting to build on the growing need to speed up networks. According to Kenney, a few years back the bottleneck was the server. "Now, however, servers have improved and the bottleneck is the network. We’re trying to take away that bottleneck."

Earlier this month, Neterion released a range of 10Gbit adapters aimed at speeding up the I/O performance of virtual machines.

The 10GBase-T card will retail in the UK at £999.99 so that acceleration won’t come cheap.