Silicon Image has pushed out its SteelVine Storage Architecture and Appliance for small to mid-sized businesses.

It includes storage virtualisation or pooling, RAID and hot-plug and hot spare capabilities in an affordable and scalable appliance, the company said. The "system-on-a-chip" technology will allow customers to build scalable systems at just $1 per GB or $1,000 per terabyte.

SteelVine architecture uses Serial ATA (SATA) drives and a RAID system that doesn’t require operating system drivers or software to load or configure fault-tolerance. The software included allows for disk-to-disk copy and rebuild, packet cyclic redundancy checks and generation, hot-plug and asynchronous event notification. It supports SATA I and II.

The SV2000 is a five-drive configuration that lets systems integrators and value-added resellers stripe and mirror drives and configure hot-spare drives. The SV2000 appliance is expected to be available in December starting at $3,295 for 1TB of storage.