Silicon Graphics has produced several new network-attached storage appliances.

The SGI InfiniteStorage NAS 4550 is designed for performance-driven applications such as online analytical processing and energy exploration, and the NAS 4050 is designed for data archiving, e-discovery or any high-performance computing application that needs file-sharing.

The new SGI NAS systems will support a file system as large as 19 exabytes, and the Unix/Linux Network File System and Microsoft's Common Internet File System. The NAS 4550 uses Fibre Channel and Serial ATA drives; the NAS 4050 uses only Serial ATA drives for a total capacity of 168TB. Both appliances have 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports for attachment to the network. iSCSI capability is also included.

The NAS 4550 is available in two models: one that uses 10,000rpm 300GB Fibre Channel drives and another that uses 15,000rpm 146GB Fibre Channel drives. A setup wizard is included to help users with the installation and configuration of the boxes. Snapshot backup and remote replication software is also included.

The NAS 4550 and NAS 4050 use SGI's Altix 450 server as the controller, and costs $200,000 and $400,000 respectively. Both will be available in December.