Community Cloud, which  delivers a community framework for customers, partners and employees, has been boosted with a new Targeted Recommendations feature aimed at promoting user engagement in these sites. Unilever, Sky and eWay are now among the companies using Community Cloud.

Using algorithms  to analyse structured and unstructured data, the new feature promises to bring community members the most relevant content, including posts, resources, files and groups. Community managers can suggest content with specific information or post an announcement into the feed and direct it at a specific group, member type or individual. Within a fitness-related community, for example, one could offer a coupon for running shoes.

Spreading the SaaS message. Image:
Spreading the SaaS message. Image:

The second new feature now available in Community Cloud is called Lightning Community Builder and Templates, and it lets any business user deploy a customised, branded and mobile-optimised community without the need for IT help, Salesforce said.

Companies can use Lightning Builder to create their own custom communities complete with custom apps. A nonprofit, for instance, could build an app to organise volunteer events and embed it into the homepage of its community. New drag-and-drop Templates, meanwhile, allow customised design, usability and data integration.

Finally, Salesforce Files Connect for Google Drive is a new feature that enables community members to share any file created or stored in Google Drive. So, a marketing team could share a Google file into a campaign planning group, for instance, for easy access and collaboration. Files in Google Drive can also be attached to a record, such as a sales opportunity or service case.

Targeted Recommendations and the Lightning Community Builder and Templates are now generally available. Salesforce Files Connect for Google Drive is generally available today for Chatter and Employee Community licenses; it will arrive for Partner Community and Customer Community licenses in the second half of 2015.