It's colder and it's darker outside, but in the networking world it is always bright and sunny. Here's what rays of joy have shone this week:

Acceleration for smaller sites
Peribit has extended the low end of its Sequence Reducer range with a £1,263 box aimed at branch offices, shops and smaller sites. The SR-15 is designed to accelerate network performance over slower links such as 64Kbit/s or 128Kbit/s ISDN or satellite links, using a device at each end of the line and a set of TCP/IP optimisation technologies.

"The SR-15 allows us to be more pervasive," says Steve Wastie, Peribit's international marketing manager. "Management is done centrally, so the remote device just needs an IP address and then downloads its configuration file. For branch offices it's a very return-on-investment-driven proposition, for example we're starting to see customers pull their mailservers into the core, or move servers centrally and access them via Citrix, but with local printing."

Traffic shaping goes Gigabit
At the other end of the market, Packeteer has introduced a WAN application traffic manager capable of full-duplex Gigabit speeds. The company says that as well as accelerating WAN throughput, the PacketShaper 10000 Series can manage QoS for thousands of classes of traffic and collect performance metrics for each class, providing application control and visibility.

"The 10000 Series sets a new standard in real world application traffic management and will have strong appeal to customers that have high capacity WAN links today or want headroom for future growth," says Packeteer director Roger Hockaday. He adds that the 10000 Series scales to 1Gbit/s while maintaining Layer 7 intelligence with rate shaping, centralised management and full reporting.

Packeteer also has a new version of the eponymous operating software for all its WAN appliances. Called Packeteer 7, it adds features such as adaptive response, application flow monitoring and Web services support, and includes enhancements to the reporting and policy management applications. The company says the 10000 Series will include Packeteer 7 as standard.