European Internet registry RIPE NCC has launched a website aimed at providing a focal point for anyone interested in discussing topics such as IPv6. RIPE has been active in promoting IPv6 in Europe and has been very keen to be seen as an education resource for the emerging technology.

RIPE Labs was previously made available as a website of news for the Internet community, but the new version offers the opportunity to communicate with other participants and contribute to online debates. In addition to the new interactive functionality, the site also offers improved search facilities.

Mirjam K├╝hne, RIPE Labs Community Builder at the RIPE NCC said"Community participation is vital for the continued success of RIPE Labs. If you are developing a tool that you would like to present to the community or if you are keen to share your thoughts on Internet technology advancements with the rest of the community, we urge you to take a look at RIPE Labs and join the discussion."