Hosted secure IM & voice
There's no need to run your own corporate IM system to get the benefit of secure voice and text communications, claimed NewVoiceMedia as it announced its Managed NVM Networker service. This is a secure and auditable system providing instant messaging, web conferencing and SIP-based voice calls within an organisation's own private network. Communications are encrypted and authenticated, and messages are stored on central servers to meet regulatory compliance needs.

Monitor SLAs as well as apps
AdventNet has updated its ManageEngine Applications Manager software, which provides fault monitoring - with alerts - for websites and applications, databases and servers. The new version adds business service management (BSM) and application performance management tools, plus monitoring support for Microsoft Exchange Server, FreeBSD and JBoss, and a web transaction recorder. The company added that the BSM feature should help companies monitor IT service level agreements, as well as the systems themselves.

Access enterprise systems from a mobile
Querying an enterprise application from a remote or mobile device could be as simple as instant messaging, reckons mobility software developer Intellisync. The company has come up with a technology called Infobots which allows users to get information from a range of corporate and public applications by entering a chat-type query on their smartphone or connected PDA. The device then sends this to the Infobot server which pulls up the requested data and sends it back.

Intellisync claimed that Infobots can provide access to anything, from flight times to enterprise databases or CRM systems for example. It provides several pre-configured Infobots with its software suites, and said that others can be developed using a development kit and scripting tools. This work is only needed at the server end though - there is no need for client-specific development.

Remote PC access goes further
Administrators and technicians needing remote access to desktop PCs can now get there even if there's a non-transparent firewall in the way, or if the network doesn't contain a domain name server, said software distributor Pillar Solutions as it announced v9.10 of PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control. It said that as well as gateway support for proxy servers, this latest version adds several features to improve its compatibility with IP networks, plus extra client configuration and screen-scraping options, and new keyboard mappings for other languages.