Reflex Systems has a launched a new management tool to deal with the complex problems of monitoring network visibility in virtualised environments.

According to a survey, conducted by the company, 35 percent of enterprises rated network visibility including flow traffic, monitoring and usage, as their main priority within virtualisation management.

Reflex has tapped into this need by releasing a range of new products under the name of the Private Cloud Initiative. The company has announced

Mike Wronski, Vice President, product management said that the new initiative was based around three products: vWatch, vTrust and vProfile. "There are a lot of offerings from the private cloud but there's not much in the way of management. The public cloud is great for low-hanging fruit but the private cloud needs more of a Chinese menu of choice

He said that the private cloud initiative would extend some of the existing functionality found within enterprises. "We're going to extend the Reflex API to allow cloud providers to offer more choice to their customers. We've introduced a user interface to allow tenants in a multi-tenant environment to manage resources."

Wronski said that the emphasis had been on giving virtualisation managers the same sort of control and monitoring tools that network managers were used to. "At the moment,

Networking groups have their existing tools and virtualisation teams have their own. We need a commonality of approach.

He added that Reflex was not about trying to plug all the gaps and doing everything on its own. "Our goal is to integrate pieces of our software, we're not trying to be Eucalyptus or Redwood," added Wronski. "We want to integrate with the likes of Eucalyptus, but not be them."