Open source technology provider Red Hat today announced a new initiative designed to boost the adoption of its OpenStack cloud framework in enterprise data centres. 

The Red Hat initiative, dubbed On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack and developed with Intel, aims to educate customers about the benefits and capabilities of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform running on Intel servers. 

OpenStack - which launched last September and was recently updated with its eighth release, called Havana - is a framework for building and managing private, public and hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. 

Red Hat's efforts to drive OpenStack adoption in the enterprise include a demonstration platform, where users can test Red Hat's OpenStack build, and a series of workshops that will be available to IT staff in North America and Europe from the start of next year. 

Specifically, Red Hat's On-Ramp programme includes TestFlight, a hosted multi-tenant test environment where potential users can evaluate Red Hat's Enterprise Linux OpenStack running on Intel Xeon servers, in addition to the On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack Road Tour. 

Red Hat virtualisation general manager Radhesh Balakrishnan said: “On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack represents the next level of our collaboration with Intel, and I am excited about the opportunity we mutually face to help demystify OpenStack and show enterprise organisations its true potential.”

The move suggests that Red Hat is increasingly looking to compete with VMware in the enterprise data centre space. 

However, in an interview with Network World earlier this year, VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger dismissed OpenStack as a viable enterprise cloud platform, claiming that it’s more of a platform for service providers to build public clouds.

“We don’t see it having great success coming into the enterprise because it’s a framework for constructing clouds," he said. "People have largely adopted and have extremely large deployments of VMware and the switching costs and so on of that are not particularly effective.

"Where we see it being effective though are very much in cloud providers, service providers, an area where VMware hasn’t had a lot of business in the past and thus, our strategy, we believe, opens a whole new market for us to go pursue.”