Cloud provider Rackspace today announced it will start offering European customers access to its MongoDB database-as-a-service out of its UK data centre in Slough.

Rackspace said the service, known as ObjectRocket, will be built upon hardware optimised specifically for MongoDB that can be easily accessed and integrated into existing systems.

MongoDB is a scalable, open-source NoSQL database that stores structured data as JSON-like documents so that it can be integrated into documents and applications easier and faster than it can be from relational databases.

MongoDB is therefore aimed at businesses looking to store massive volumes of diverse and unstructured data that can be drawed on at a later date if they realise it is valuable in some way.

Texas-heardquartered Rackspace introduced its MongoDB offering last February when it acquired ObjectRocket.

The service has been offered through Rackspace’s Chicago data centre in the US from last March but until now it had not been available in data centres beyond the US. There were plans to offer it from Dallas, London, Hong Kong and Sydney by the end of 2013 but today’s news suggests that the cloud provider is running behind schedule on a number of those.

“Rackspace’s work to establish a strong presence within the high-growth NoSQL database market has flourished since our acquisition of ObjectRocket back in February 2013," said Rackspace VP technology Nigel Beighton. "Bringing this technology to our local European customer base is integral to expanding the total service offering available from our UK data centre. We can now provide MongoDB with low latency, high-bandwidth proximity to our other cloud and hosting solutions,” 

Customers will be able to choose from a range of pricing plans based upon individual data storage requirements, details of which can be found at ( Customers can also have a one month free trial when they sign up online.