Quantum has released GoVault, a removable disk backup product for small and mid-size businesses and branch offices.

The backup hardware can replace tape drives at smaller organisations looking to simplify increasingly tricky backup and restoration projects, according to Bruce Anderson, product manager at San Jose-based Quantum.

GoVault includes third-party data de-duplication software to reduce manual tape cartridge usage and backup window lengths, Anderson added.

The company said the device operates at speeds of between 26MB/s and 34MB/s and can perform file search across any media it can see on a network.

Currently available through Quantum OEM partners, GoVault is offered in two versions - a plug-and-play USB 2.0 tabletop model, and a Serial ATA server-embedded intelligent dock model with two removable cartridges for on-site and off-site data protection needs.

The product has a 1.6TB cartridge capacity and includes password protection and encryption to prevent data on the sealed hard disk cartridges from falling into the wrong hands during off-site transport.

For long-term archival and data retention planning, the company lists a shelf-life of about 10 years for safely storing data. Nelson said the cartridges can withstand a drop of up to a 1-metre onto a hard surface.

Pricing for an internal server dock, two 40GB cartridges, SATA II cabling and the GoVault de-duplication software starts at $400.

Cartridges start at approximately $100 and can be purchased in 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities.