Quantum has produced three new rack-mounted tape drives.

The PX500 Series comprises the PX502, PX506 and PX510, all modular systems for back-up, recovery and archiving of data. Included is Quantum’s FlexLink architectureso they can be linked together to create larger systems. FlexLink replaces external hardware and cabling with an infrared technology, allowing new units to be added or removed without taking the system down.

The PX500 series can be used with SDLT 600, LTO-2 or LTO-3 drive cartridges. They also support hot-swappable drives, redundant power supplies and SCSI or Fibre Channel connectivity. A Web-based console is available from sysadms to monitor and manage multiple PX500 systems.

The PX502 is designed for workgroup, departmental and remote office systems. It is a 4U, two-drive library with up to 38 slots per chassis, which offers 15TB of native capacity. It can back up 576GB of data an hour.

The PX506 is designed for data-intensive workgroups, departments and data centres. It is a 10U, six-drive library with up to 100 slots per chassis. It provides up to 40TB and can back up 1,728GB per hour.

The PX510 is designed for business-critical data centers. It is an 18U library that offers up to 10 tape drives and up to 201 slots per chassis. The PX510 has a capacity of over 80TB and can backup up as much as 2,880GB an hour.

All systems are available now. The PX502 starts at under $12,000; the PX506 starts at $24,000; and the PX510 at $33,000.