Performance management company Precise has launched a product designed to crack one of the most pressing problems facing cloud users – how to guarantee quality of service for applications running in the cloud

Precise for Cloud consistently monitors performance of applications running in the cloud and can predict any performance issues that enterprises could experience.

"Cloud doesn't solve performance problems" said Zohar Gilad, Precise's executive vice president. "If there are problems with the application, they're not going to go away by adopting cloud.

Gilad said that Precise would help in several ways. "By integrating with VMware, there's going to be a close correlation between the application and virtualisation. We'll also have a historical perspective so, if something has gone wrong, we'll be able to identify what went wrong and when." He said that this was particularly important when it came to virtual machines as the VM where the problem resided might no longer exist.

One of the areas were the tool would help would be identifying a specific location for a problem, something that's not always easy with cloud deployments. "To take a specific instance, if Joe calls in wtih a problem, is it Joe's problem? Is it in the cloud or somewhere else? If it's the application, which instance of an application? It's not easy, finding a problem in the cloud is finding a card in the three-card game," he added.

Gilad said that another area where the tool would help system administrators would be when two VMs were competing for the same resource and suffering performance degredation. "It could be that they're sharing the same database, same service or same storage and hitting performance problems, Precise will show you that."

He added that while Precise had been designed to work with VMware, it would work with Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix's Xen in the future.