Plasmon has proved the basic engineering specifications for its forthcoming second generation UDO - Ultra Density Optical - archiving product.

UDO-2 will offer twice the capacity and increase the transfer speed of the existing UDO-1 technology. The company's R&D facilities in Colorado Springs, USA and Cambridge, UK have successfully completed first phase product development demonstrating full specification 60GB media capacity and 12 MB/sec maximum sustained read performance.

The increases come from higher resolution 0.85 NA (Numerical Aperture) blue laser optics in combination with increased media density and an enhanced Optical Mechanical Assembly (OMA) manufactured for Plasmon by Konica Minolta.

The first shipment of pre-release drives for integration and testing will be provided to Plasmon's software and OEM partners, such as IBM, before the end of 2006. Full commercial UDO-2 product availability is scheduled for April 2007. It will be available in three media formats: Rewritable, True Write Once and Compliant Write Once.

With a low cost drive upgrade, existing G-Series library customers can carry on using older data, written on UDO-1 media, while transitioning to the new 60GB media.

The UDO roadmap includes UDO-3 at 120GB and UDO-4 at 240GB.