Plasmon has introduced its first G-Series optical libraries with UDO - Ultra Density Optical - drives offering 30GB capacity per disk. The new UDO libraries are being introduced at prices similar to the existing MO (Magneto Optical) storage libraries, with triple the capacity. They can be ordered now through Plasmon's channel partners and start shipping in volume next month.

Plasmon says new entry-level and mid-range configurations make what it calls permanent archiving affordable for workgroup and distributed computing environments. The G-Series support both UDO and the 9.1GB MO format.

G-Series libraries include dual pickers, hot-swappable drives and redundant power supplies. Data access times are said to typically about 10 seconds. Models range from 24 to 638 slots, with fully populated UDO capacities from 720GB to almost 20TB.

Entry-level libraries have one or two drives, 24 or 32 disk slots and fully populated UDO storage capacities from 720GB to just under 1TB. Mid-range libraries scale from two to four drives and are available in 72 and 80 slot configurations with UDO storage capacities up to 2.4TB.

Entry-level library list prices start at £5,119 and mid-range library list prices start at £12,903. The new libraries complement new UDO versions of existing G-Series Libraries that span from 104 to 638 slot configurations.

30GB UDO cartridges are available with both Write Once and Rewritable media, with a future roadmap delivering larger capacities up to 120GB.