Permabit has released the latest version of its archiving technology.

The Permeon Compliance Store includes new retention policies, support for files up to 2TB in size, improved system reliability and extra reporting abilities, as well as a new high availability module.

It also includes automatic data failover in the event the primary Permeon appliance fails, ensuring a continuous response to audit, discovery or business requests.

Point-in-time replication of data means sysadmins can schedule when replication will take place. After the initial copy of data, only changes to data are copied to the remote location. Replication may be from one appliance to another or from many appliances to a single appliance.

A Retention Policy Module allows the IT manager to create filters for a set of files that dictate how long files should be retained. Filters can be created by file extension, user or group. Files can also be transitioned for read/write to read as retention policies change.

The market for archiving appliances is growing quickly as customers seek to retain data for compliance purposes. EMC has its Centera content-addressible storage appliance, Network Appliance has Nearstore and start-up Archivas has Archivas Cluster. Other major systems vendors including HP and IBM are also getting into the market.

Although the Permeon Compliance Vault and Store is available now, the company refused to release pricing.