Peribit is set to tackle the problem of latency within wide area networks with the launch of Packet Flow Acceleration (PFA)) a technology that reduces the time for enterprise applications running over a corporate WAN.

The technology, which will be included free with Peribit’s Sequence Reducer product range, acts by eliminating WAN latency, said Joe Hielscher, Peribit’s marketing vice president. “It works with TCP by detecting idle periods within the transmission. It minimises them by filling the gaps until the pipe is full.” He said that it would also enable short transactions to be speeded up, by accelerating the TCP handshake process.

The technology has the approval of some industry heavyweights. Dr Vern Paxson, senior scientist at the ICSI Center for Internet Research said that PFA was “an innovative approach that leverages the company’s unique position at both ends of a WAN link.” He added that “people want data networks to deliver the same immediacy whether they’re connecting across the street or across the world.”

Hielscher said that the improvement in transmission times would depend on a number of factors: for example, the distance, number of hops, network latency but added that the technology was independent of WAN technology being used. He added that users who used PFA and the company’s existing MSR technology could expect a substantial improvement in performance times. He claimed that there could be an improvement of up to four times faster.

The company also introduced a top of the range Sequence Reducer, the SR-80, in an attempt to meet the demands of its larger customers.