The company that makes the most stripped-down desktop computing device in the world has announced a new version of its ‘zero client' virtualisation software.

The main upgrade in Pano Logic's Pano System 3.0 for is support for Windows 7, which adds to current support for Windows XP and Vista. Users can now access XP and Windows 7 side by side using different desktops.

Windows 7 is likely to be important for desktop virtualisation, because its introduction in many businesses coincides with a new generation of desktop virtualisation systems. Other features that have appeared in the move from version 2.8 include tighter integration with VMware's View Manager.

"Innovative organizations are seizing upon our zero client virtual desktop solution to free them from the high cost and complexity of managing PCs and troublesome thin clients," said Pano Logic CEO, John Kish.

The Pano Cube - the small box that sits on desktops - is virtualisation in the most radical style imaginable. Unlike even thin clients, this has no computing resources whatsoever, and exists simply to relay keyboard and mouse commands to and from a VWware server.

It is so basic, the company's technology will even fit inside a conventional LCD monitor, as was seen in an all-in-one desktop design shown last month by Fujitsu.

Founded in 2006, Pano launched its Cube in 2008.