Packeteer Networks is close to launching a faster generation of its traffic-shaping gear that eventually will reach 20Gbits/s throughput and perform more complex traffic analysis.

The next wave of gear is powered by Cavium Networks' multicore Octeon processors that will enable parsing packets to Layer 7 and analyse flows by application and type of transaction within applications, the company says.

The first new product will be an add-on box to boost the speed of the company's high-end PacketShaper appliances, which perform multiple functions to streamline traffic across WAN links including compression, traffic shaping, and TCP optimisation.

Current PacketShapers top out at 1Gbits/s. The new device, code-named Turbo, can boost that to 6Gbits/s, the company says. In a year or so the company says it will release devices that reach 20Gbits/s.

The supplemental box is meant for customers that need faster devices but want to protect their current Packeteer investment, the company says. Pricing is not set, but it will be about one-third the price of an additional PacketShaper, Packeteer says.

Packeteer says it has been working for a year or so with Cavium evaluation boards and developers kits to design the new devices. The company will use Cavium's Octeon MIPS64 processors in the gear. Current Packeteer equipment is based on Intel processors.