Overland has produced a new version of its ARCvault autoloaders and tape libraries based on Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology.

The ARCvault 12 autoloader and ARCvault 24 tape library do not replace Overland's existing Neo series of tape libraries, said Peri Grover, director of product management, but they do offer a lower-cost and smaller-capacity alternative.

The ARCvault 12 series autoloader comes in a 2U (3.5 inch) form factor and scales to 9.6TB capacity. The ARCvault 24 library scales to 19.2TB capacity and also comes in a 2U form factor.

San Jacinto College, a community college with up to 60,000 students in Pasadena, Texas, uses the ARCvault autoloaders at its disaster recovery site in Austin, said Billy Vaughn, IT operations manager.

Cost was an important factor because, ultimately, Vaughn hopes they will never need to use it. "I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that's not going to be doing a whole lot," he said.

Initially, Vaughn said he was looking for a tape device so the college - one data center of which is 35 miles from Galveston - would still have access to its tape library in the event of a disaster.

The college was forced to evacuate the campus during Hurricane Rita last year. At first, Vaughn looked at standalone LTO 3 tape drives, but he said the ARCvault product was cheaper and offered more functionality, such as automation and a mail slot for offsite storage.

The ARCvault 12 tape devices are available in LTO-2 and LTO-3 versions and offer a consistent interface, which let users migrate more easily from one to the other, Grover said.

ARCvault 12 sells for $4,995 for the LTO-2 version and $6369 for the LTO-3 version, while the ARCvault 24 retails for $5994 and $7369, respectively.