The UK is lagging behind France and the Benelux countries when it comes to installing grid technology. However, UK IT managers are much more aware about the capabilities of the technology and are outscoring their European colleagues.

Those are just some of the findings from the Oracle Grid Index, a regular survey of grid computing across Europe, the first part of which has been launched at the Oracle Openworld conference in London. Research company Quocirca quizzed 603 IT managers across Europe.

It's not all rosy news for proponents of the technology, however. Only 22 percent of IT managers surveyed claimed to understand the technology and most saw the technology as something discussed by marketing professionals and the media, rather than having any relevance for real-world computing.

Sergio Giacoletto, Oracle's executive vice president for EMEA said that it was encouraging that so many European CIOs understood the benefits of grid technology and hoped that the Grid Index would give a kickstart to many more companies and that the skeptical ones would learn to love the technology. "We believe grid, as the Internet before it, offers the next major opportunity for our customers to get ahead of their rivals," he said.

Quocirca's Clive Longbottom also saw some encouraging signs: "There is evidence that those who pro-actively investigated grid computing generally the benefits as compelling enough to drive adoption." Oracle and those companies who enthusiastically promoting grid computing must be hoping those words prove to be true.