Procom Technology, a NAS supplier, has added a high-end model to its DataForce line of CD/DVD-ROM appliances. The new DataForce 800R provides up to 2 terabytes of RAID-5 protected storage and data access 220 times faster than optical media.

It supports Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Unix, and NetWare, and connects users on the network over 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet. This enables cross-platform access and file sharing of thousands of CDs, or hundreds of DVDs. Multiple CDs and DVDs can be mounted under a single Windows drive letter.

John Hamrick, Procom's director of marketing, foresees the device being used, "in the legal, medical, educational and library communities."

Larry Sun, network engineer in beta tester Deloitte Touche Tomatsu's Pacific-Southwest region office, said, "It's very easy to administer, which saves me a lot of time and it greatly accelerates CD access time for the users within the company."

The 800R enables CD recording over the network; creation on the hard drive of a virtual copy of the CD image for enhanced data protection; CD and DVD caching from any workstation on the network; and writable partitions for individual users' data. To eliminate single points of failure and facilitate reliability, it features hot-swappable power supplies, fans and hard drives.

The DataFORCE 800R appliance carries a suggested retail price starting at $12,995 and comes with a one-year warranty. The product is available in the UK and around the globe.