Developers and organisations creating smarter transport tech - like city data analysis, driverless car software or mapping tools - now have a complete catalogue of all open data sources relevant to their products.

The index, published by the government-backed Transport Systems Catapult, will help organisations harness the raw data by showing users where the data is held, who owns it and how to access it. 

Driverless car markets could benefit from innovative new products inspired by existing transport data firms like TfL hold image:Transport Catapult

The catapult believes that providing a single gateway to all transport data sources in the UK will accelerate innovation. 

It has over 200 sources in the catalogue, two thirds of which are free to access. It is hoped this hub will incentivise more transport firms to open up their data to help put the UK at the forefront of the emerging 'intelligent mobility' market with improved research and development.

Dr Paul ZAnelli, CTO at the Catapult said: "There are a considerable number of data sources out there that may or may not be transport specific, but could support the development of new intelligent mobility products and services, if we can show people where they are and how they can be accessed.

"Many of these are held by organisations that may not realise their data could be incredibly valuable to the transport community. From weather trends to social media usage statistics, the spread of data that has the potential to support new transport technologies is vast...we are appealing to as many organisation as posible to let us know what data they can offer and to consider opening up access to that data so we can all benefit from its application to the innovation process."

The catalogue can be accessed from