Onaro has announced two new modules for its storage-management software that let customers monitor storage capacity and usage, and reduce the time spent provisioning storage resources.

The company announced SANscreen Capacity Manager 1.0, SANscreen Provisioning Manager 1.0 and updates to its SANscreen Service Assurance. These modules are part of Onaro's SANscreen product suite, which includes Service Insight, Service Assurance, Application Insight and Replication Assurance.

Capacity Manager 1.0 can increase storage-asset use by 10 percent or more, according to Onaro. It monitors allocation by datacentre, tier or business unit, which helps IT forecast storage purchases. Charge-back information is also available, as are policies for storage tiering.

Provisioning Manager 1.0 can reduce the time it takes to provide storage resources by as much as 20 percent, according to the company. The Provisioning Manager lets application owners such as database administrators to reserve storage space. It also creates a repeatable process for allocating storage.

Using SANscreen, customers can see how storage resources are impacted by changes to server, application or networked environments. Further, SANscreen now includes a Application Dashboard in its Service Assurance module that gives application-management teams visibility into the service levels that have been set.

In addition, Onaro introduced VM Insight 1.0, a module that shows the cross-domain impact of virtual machines on storage and server resources. VM Insight provides service-level information on CPU, memory, I/O, network bandwidth, SAN bandwidth and array performance, so administrators can optimally deploy the correct number of virtual machines per physical server. With VM Insight administrators have a common view of network storage-service paths and changes.