Nexsan is set to launch a secure storage appliance at Storage Expo. The Assureon offers content-addressable storage plus 256-bit AES encryption. It also supports off-system vaulting using either tape or optical media, and WORM - write-once-read-many - storage.

The product is aimed at the nearline storage and compliance markets. Because CAS involves storing each piece of data once only there is no data duplication and storage efficiency is increased. Nexsan said Asureon uses serial-ATA (SATA) drives. The drives are organised into a RAID array for added security.

The encryption keys can be stored off site and in encrypted form. Documents can be rendered inaccesible through key deletion. Nexsan said that documents stored on removable media by the device can also be encrypted.

Nexsan executive VP, Diamond Lauffin said: "We can offer a complete secure storage appliance with management, RAID storage, processing and networking that can be configured for as low as $4,500 per terabyte.”