Nexsan is to offer a ILM appliance using technology gained from acquiring Evertrust. It will integrate Evertrust's ILM, content-addressed storage (CAS) and compliance capabilities into new products using Nexsan'sATA/SATA storage arrays.

ILM (lifecycle management) takes on from where mainframe HSM stops, and puts data in different classes of disk storage based upon its value to an organisation. Classes range from expensive fast disks to cheap slow disks.

The big vendors have been pushing ILMs to enterprises for the past couple of years. The enterprise mainstream has been watching and waiting with no perceived affordable and practical products and not really enough reason to buy.

EMC established the CAS idea for fixed/reference content data with Centera. Other vendors have introduced product but mainstream enterprises aren't rushing to buy. There isn't generally enough fixed content data to cause them a pain yet. Compliance regulations may well tip the scales towards ILM and CAS because more data will have to be kept and found when the regulators want it. That makes ILM products and CAS technology more useful. Nexsan is preparing product for this, based on cheaper ATA/SATA drives.

HP's RISS also rises
HP is also preparing a mainstream product and hoping its ISVs will use a cheaper and more capacious RISS - reference information services system - platform as a basis for their ILM/archiving apps. It has increased cell size from 450GB to 850GB and cut the base system price in half. HP claims a single RISS API now covers storage, archiving, filing, search, database and servers. It says up to six APIS would have to have been used before.

HP is adding FSE - file system extender - technology to automatically move RISS data between tiers of storage. It says it will add support for NFS and CIFS - EMC's Centera already includes these and other protocols. RISS can also now better archive Notes/Domino and Exchange messages.

No pricing information is available for these coming Nexsan and HP second-generation ILM products.

HP pricing (US dollars) was made available.

RISS Pricing:
The Reference Information Storage System pricing starts at $112,500 US list price for a fully integrated 1.8 TB active archiving system. RISS capacity and density upgrades come in 850GB (mirrored) increments at $52,000 US

File System Extender Pricing
The base license (price) for a FSE includes 1TB of file migration capacity. Additional capacity licenses are available in 1TB increments for flexibility. The File System Extender client components are licensed per machine basis. The FSE client managed file system can be optionally upgraded to WORM based on the physical capacity of the production storage.

RIM Pricing
RIM for messaging is charged per client: $30/client