StorageTek is offering aid to those organisations that feel that they are having trouble keeping tabs on what their legal responsibilities regarding data storage are. The company’s paper Maintaining Digital Information offers network and storage managers a potted guide to UK regulations appertaining to companies’

One of the problems faced by UK companies is that many articles in the computer press and much of the storage vendors’ own literature has focused on US legal regulations, which are very different from UK’s. The StorageTek White Paper, which has been researched by Macarthur Stroud International, looks to set out the obligations that different sectors have to conform to. The report looks in details at the demands placed on the financial sector, retail, health, insurance, government, manufacturing, defence and biosciences.

StorageTek has recognised this gap and has commissioned the White Paper to fill it. "It has become clear from talking to both current and potential customers that the majority of companies are unsure as to what is needed to satisfy storage legal requirements in the UK. There is a general understanding of US requirements but these are often confused with the regulations here," said Gary Rider, General Manager StorageTek UK.