Samsung Electronics claims to have shrunk the size of chips needed for devices such as cameras, media players and game consoles. The company said that it had produced a thin, low-power 1Gbit memory chip.

The 1Gbit Mobile DRAM chip, which the South Korean manufacturer said was an industry first will start shipping in the second quarter of 2007.

The chip has a new temperature-sensing feature that maximises the self-refresh cycle to reduce power drain in standby mode by 30 percent over conventional memory chip designs, according to Samsung.

In addition, the chip is at least 20 percent thinner than a multi-stack package of 512Mbit dies, enabling a single high-density package system of 1.5GB or even 2GB Mobile DRAM memory, the company said.

The new Samsung chip can also be combined with Flash memory via package-on-package designs.