Two companies have allied to give enterprises the ability to pinpoint and eliminate Internet-related application performance bottlenecks.

Akamai Technologies is located in Massachusetts and is a global service provider for accelerating content and applications online. Recently, it announced that in December, Akamai powered 7 of the top 10 most trafficked social networking sites and 92 percent of US social networking site visits.

California-based Coradiant meanwhile makes equipment to manage and trouble shoot web applications.

The two companies announced they are providing an integrated package designed for businesses which depends on web applications and who uses Akamai's distributing computing platform to deliver content.

In order to do this they have enhanced Coradiant's existing TruSight products, which are normally used by organisations looking to understand the enterprise end-user experience, and to identify and diagnose any application performance problems. Akamai meanwhile contributes its Web Application Accelerator and IP Application Accelerator services, used by enterprises to ensure fast and reliable application delivery.

Coradiant told Techworld that technical details will be made available at a later date, but in short, whenever the Akamai IPA service performs a client lookup to determine the requesting source IP and delivers the response to the client, specific information is also sent to the customer’s Coradiant TrueSight product. "TrueSight combines locally distributed content with content delivered from Akamai's EdgePlatform, so to provide an organisation a more complete view of the end-user experience," said Coradiant.

"Most analysis of Internet bottlenecks doesn't really measure true end user application performance to the desktop," Coradiant added. "Coradiant end-user experience management products provide leading end-to-end visibility for any data that originates from an organisation's data centre."

The company feel this visibility helps the IT department to better understand service levels delivered to their users, and enables them to quickly troubleshoot and optimise their Web applications.

"Historically, Coradiant has not had access to detailed end-user experience information for content not delivered from the origin, such as cached data delivered by an application and content acceleration services provider, such as Akamai," said Coradiant. "By Akamai and Coradiant collaborating, IT organisations using Coradiant's TrueSight product family will now have visibility into data delivered by Akamai's Application Acceleration services."

Akamai accelerates customer's dynamic Web- and IP-based applications using a number of unique techniques that includes dynamic mapping, route optimisation, advanced communications protocols, and connection technology.

"Today's enterprises require a deep understanding of application health and its effect on real users so that unreliable and slow performance can be remedied," said Willie M. Tejada, vice president for Akamai Application Acceleration in a statement. "Through this partnership, our joint customers can realise the inherent benefits of their online business processes."

The two companies are not announcing pricing at this time, but interested parties are advised to contact their local Akamai and Coradiant sales representatives.