European Internet registry agency RIPE NCC has launched a new website aimed at dispelling some of the myths surrounding IPv6 and providing information on the current state of play on the new technology.

IPv6 is set to replace the current IPv4 protocol at some point in the next couple of years, the regional Internet registries such as RIPE NCC have been actively trying to accelerate take-up of IPv6 before IPv4 numbers run out. 

The IPv6actnow site explains the technology behind the new protocol as well as giving an up-to-date snapshot of IPv4 availability: one key element of the site is a real-time counter showing current number of IPv4 addresses. The site also looks to use non-technical language to explain most of the issues surrounding the new protocol.

"The IPv6 Act Now website is for everyone with an interest in the long-term growth and success of the Internet; for anyone seeking information to help guide them through the deployment of IPv6 in their network," said Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, the RIPE NCC in a statement.

He added that "Multi-stakeholder cooperation is essential for the continued growth and success of the Internet. The support for the RIPE community's IPv6 position statement demonstrates the willingness of public and private sector organisations to work together to deploy IPv6 sooner rather than later."