Taiwanese outfit QNAP will this week use the CES Show in Las Vegas this week to show off its new Intel-based SAN box, which it claims can solve the performance hang-ups that have dogged many storage systems for smaller enterprises.

Recent additions to its expanding Turbo NAS (networked-attached storage) lineup have included the four-bay TS-439 Pro, the five-bay TS-509 Pro, six-bay TS-639 Pro and eight drive TS-809 Pro, and an 8-bay rack-mounted unit, the TS-809U-RP.

The key to performance of the new TS-809 Pro, according to the company, is the use of a high-end Intel processor and increased memory, putting it ahead of rivals in both departments.

The TS-809 is the first such mid-tier system to be based around a 2.4 GHz version of Intel's Core 2 Duo chip, with 2GB on onboard RAM, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, with failover and load balancing supported.

Further down the range, by contrast, the established TS-509 Pro uses a 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron chip and 1GB of RAM, but with the same failover, load balancing and dual Gigabit ports. Support for iSCSI and 256-bit AES encryption is available for the Turbo NAS family.

"The new Turbo NAS series are able to deliver much higher performance than other general SOHO NAS brands. The NetBench testing results showed that the new NAS models are three to ten times faster in terms of total throughput for multiple concurrent data access. This is our important technology breakthrough in developing top-class business NAS," said QNAP's Shawn Shu.

The products have previously been trailed by QNAP, but the CES show marks the first point from which all have been available.

Interestingly for UK customers, the range is currently available for prices that the company described as being the cheapest they are being sold for anywhere in the globe. Given the low rate of the UK pound relative to currencies such as the US dollar and Euro in which hardware is traded (causing higher import prices), the reason for this was not immediately clear.

The TS-639 Pro is £919 (inc VAT), while the TS-509 Pro is £589 (inc VAT). Pricing was unavailable for the TS-809 Pro.