Iomega has created Digital Capture Technology (DCT) flexible disks and drives for notebook computers, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders. The 1.5GB disks, two sided, with two heads in the drive, are slightly larger than Smart Media cards and will cost 10 euros each. The drives are PC Card-sized and there will be USB versions to enable use on notebook and desktop computers. Ulrike Tegtmeier, Iomega's managing director, Europe, said, "This technology can help make notebooks thinner."

When creating the technology Iomega realised that there were a lot of new and competing form factors in the area. Tegtmeier said that, by using the existing PC Card standard, Iomega avoided having to choose any one of them. The device has very low power consumption as it avoids start and stop power spikes by constantly spinning, albeit at a slower speed in sleep mode. Alternative flash memory devices have high start-up power consumption.

Business users can use the high capacity to store presentations, pricing lists and other information needed whilst on the road with laptops. Tegtmeier said that data transferability to the PC was a key design element. The development roadmap has higher capacity versions as well as physically smaller devices, of say 1GB capacity, possibly for use in merged mobile phone/PDA devices. Iomega is, she said, open to DCT licensing proposals.