Catch up with the latest in network management news.

IP routing appliance cuts cost, avoids congestion
Internap reckons that its Flow Control Platform can intelligently route IP traffic across multiple ISP connections to avoid bottlenecks, minimise latency and reduce bandwidth costs. It can be set to prioritise certain applications and can track and respond to network anomalies, for example switching between ISPs if outages, or other, problems occur.

The FCP appliance combines hardware and software. Internap claims it helps network managers add performance and cost into the calculations made when making routing decisions on multi-homed networks. The £20,000 device also provides diagnostic reports and continuous monitoring of end-to-end network performance.

Chips for long-life intelligent switches
Two new chips will provide rate/weight guarantees for networks of any size right across the network fabric, claims their developer, Dune Networks. The FAP20V and FAP10V provide comprehensive traffic management.

Because the 20Gbps and 10Gbps devices can communicate with each other across the fabric, packet flows can be controlled from end to end over the network, as well as within the switch or linecard. Dune says the new chips will also allow system vendors to build devices with a seven to ten-year lifecycle.

Squash those email attachments
With more and more bandwidth and storage space being wasted on email attachments, Red Earth Software has come up with a tool that links in to Microsoft Exchange Server or Lotus Domino and automatically compresses and decompresses them on the server, transparently to the user.

Called Policy Patrol Zip, the software costs $95 for 10 users and, when used with Exchange, can compress attachments on both internal and external email. It also allows network managers to set up rules controlling whose email gets compressed, as well as which attachment types and sizes are covered.