Sniffing at higher speeds
Network General has updated its Sniffer Infinistream device to support 10Gigabit Ethernet. Sniffer Infinistream captures network data for later analysis - for example to help troubleshoot intermittent problems, examine traffic trends, and track down network anomalies.

The company claimed that with the release of Infinistream version 3.0, it can now capture full-duplex 10Gig Ethernet, using either short range (100m) or long range (10km) optics. Also new in this version are a web-based user interface, real-time statistical monitoring and alerting, and the ability to tap into WAN links such as WAN HSSI, ATM DS-3 and ATM OC-3.

Netgear adds 10Gig switch stacking
Netgear has announced the ProSafe 24 and 48 stackable and managed Layer 3 switches, each providing 24 or 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and four 10Gig bays. Two bays per switch are used for a stack backplane, providing a 48Gbit/s switch interconnect, while the others are used for trunked 10Gig links back to the core.

Up to eight switches can be stacked for a total of 384 Gigabit ports and 16 trunkable 10Gig ports, all managed from a single IP address, the company said. It added that the non-blocking ProSafe switches feature wire-speed Layer 3 switching, plus security features such as 802.1x port-based access control, SSL and SSH for management connections, and a limited lifetime warranty. The switches will list for £2,015 and £3,022 respectively.

Real-time network response tracking
To optimise network performance, you need to know what response times are like and how the network's capacity is bearing up under load, argued Crannog Software as it announced version 1.5 of its ResponseWatch software. The company said that ResponseWatch 1.5 now features executive summaries and real-time performance charting, plus group-based SLA Configuration and SLA alerting via any alert management system.

Crannog claimed that as well as reporting on network performance and throughput, ResponseWatch could also be used in planning, to help determine whether a network will be able to cope with new applications. It added that the program, which costs from £4,995 for a 50 device licence, can show which applications are working and where in the network problems may be occurring.