NetApp has launched software to search backup and snapshot files for content as if they were Word documents. SnapSearch and Recover can search through hundreds-to-thousands of point-in-time copies and disk-to-disk backups online in NetApp SnapShot and SnapVault products. Users and sysadmins use a familiar web search interface to locate documents, presentations, etc. by subject, key word or other attributes and restore them in minutes.

This enables sysadmins to meet compliance or legal discovery requests by treating thousands of consolidated online backups as a single search target. This is roughly similar to the way Google Desktop treats all of a user's files on their PC as a single search space.

Users no longer need to know the precise location or specific name of a file in order to perform file recovery.

Currently sysadmins would have to search each backup set and snapshot container individually.

SnapSearch and Recover software can also be used to classify files into different types and migrate less-needed data to secondary storage. It is integrated into Kazeon's Information Server IS1200 product.

NetApp is rebadging the IS1200 from Kazeon and it will cost $10,000 (about £6,000). Customers can purchase the software and NetApp hardware in a single system for about $60,000 (around £36,000).

Kazeon has also linked its IS1200 product to Google enterprise search.