NEC this week unveiled a virtual switch for Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V hypervisor which is designed to bring OpenFlow-based software-defined networking and network virtualisation to those Microsoft environments.

The NEC ProgrammableFlow PF1000 provides a single control plane for integrating server and network virtualisation in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V deployments, NEC says. This integration is designed to enable network automation, more rapid delivery of network services, VM mobility and consistent application of business policy across the network.

The PF1000 supports 1,280 ports per switch and up to 260,000 flows. It supports OpenFlow 1.0 and can work with any OpenFlow-enabled switches from any vendor, NEC says.

It also supports multi-tenancy, automatic discovery of VM, device and topology, VM policy migration, and MC-LAG support for active multipath fabric networking.

NEC also rolled out a new version of its ProgrammableFlow OpenFlow controller, which now features IPv6 support. Other enhancements include OpenStack "Folsom" support, which is designed for unified network and IT resource programmability and management within clouds; and a REST-based northbound API to enable delivery of network statistics to applications and automation systems so the network can be programmed according to business policy.

The PF1000 can be downloaded for free from either the NEC or Microsoft site. To license to make it work with the Version 4 NEC controller costs $14,800 for up to 10 virtual switches. All products are available now.