Security and virtualisation specialist Nebulas Solutions has launched a product designed to help IT managers implement a fully functioning virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) within days, instead of months.

"VDI in a Box" is esentially an integrated solution which combines all the different technologies and expertise needed to create a virtual desktop infrastructure in a single box.

Nebulas is the reseller that brought the PC killer, namely the 'Pano', or 'Pano Virtual desktop' to the UK back in December last year. Essentially, the Pano is an innocuous silver cube with the footprint of a CD case, and is being touted as the replacement for the desktop PC in the age of cloud computing.

It is no surprise then that the VDI in a Box combines Pano Logic's zero client for the desktop, with VMware's technology providing the virtual and connection broker layers. This is combined with AppSense's user environment management solution to handle the physical to virtual desktop migration, as well as ongoing management of the user's policy and personalisation information. NetApp apparently provides the storage component and is 'fully optimised for the VMware environment.'

"The reason VDI has come about, is that over the past 12 months, we have been working with customers designing their desktop infrastructure strategies," said managing director of Nebulas, Nick Garlick. "A lot of these customers have achieved large cost savings on server consolidation and are now looking to do same on the desktop."

"We noticed customers were evaluating all the individual components they need to do desktop virtualisation, and it was taking them up to six months to do it," he told Techworld. "It was a timely and costly exercise, and we felt that by bringing it all together in one box, we could simply the whole process, which is essentially what VDI in a Box is all about."

"It is prebuilt, pretested, and is designed to eliminate the time element," he said. "We believe we can save people a lot of time and money by providing a complete solution. VDI is a very practical way to address what is a very complex area."

Garlick admitted VDI is intended for greenfield sites for the most part, but stated that it can also accommodate both existing desktop and laptop infrastructure. "At the moment, we see a lot of people looking at Pano and other thin clients as they go through their refresh cycles," he said. "People are bringing this solution in as their desktops retire. But you don't have to move everyone over at the same time. With VDI in a Box, all the infrastructure is already there. All they need to do is buy more licenses as they add more departments or users.

According to Garlick, pricing details are available on application, as each installation differs in what components are required.

"The key point is a lot of people are looking at this technology, either this year or next year, and it is coming high up on their agenda," he said. "People are looking at increasing efficiencies and cost at the moment, and desktop infrastructure is a high cost because of power and other issues. With VDI in a Box, we have provided a very good shortcut for customers to virtualise their desktops."