Nebula, the start-up founded by former NASA CTO Chris Kemp, has announced the launch of its long-awaited Nebula One private cloud system, which aims to help businesses build cloud computing infrastructures securely and inexpensively.

Nearly two years in the making, Nebula One provides compute, network and storage services using industry-standard servers from vendors such as HP, IBM and Dell.

At its core is the Nebula Cloud Controller, a hardware appliance that turns racks of these servers into a scalable on-premise infrastructure-as-a-service cloud system.

While a single-rack deployment is often enough for many medium-sized businesses, the Nebula One system can scale to multi-rack deployments to meet the needs of large enterprises, the company said.

The system runs Cosmos, Nebula’s distributed enterprise cloud operating system, which builds on OpenStack to provide a self-service user experience and compatibility with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack APIs.

Nebula said that its Nebula One system is built to power the next generation of big data, web, and mobile applications, while addressing enterprise security and management requirements and avoiding vendor lock-in.

“The Nebula One delivers on Nebula’s mission to democratise cloud computing by bringing the simplicity, agility, and operational efficiency of the world’s largest Internet companies to all enterprises at a fraction of the cost of public cloud services,” said Kemp.

A number of enterprises have been testing early versions of Nebula’s product for the past year, including PARC, the R&D lab that invented the computer mouse and the graphical user interface (GUI).

While cloud solutions often require users to put in hours of work to provision and maintain their computing environments, Nebula One allows them focus on applications rather than infrastructure, according to Nebula.

“PARC researchers can now use and reuse the readily-available compute resources they need from the Nebula One cloud, provisioning in minutes what once took days to manually provision or months to procure,” said Walt Johnson, Vice President, Intelligent Systems Lab, PARC.

Nebula One is available for purchase today. More information is available on the company's website, and in this promotional video: