Western Digital on Monday announced the expansion of their My Book devices with new 750GB and 1.5 Terabyte models.

My Book is a line of Mac- and PC-compatible external hard disk drives. Prices range from $279 to $699 depending on capacity and features.

With a distinct case design that looks like a hard cover book set on edge so its spine is pointing out and a blue bullseye capacity gauge, the My Book is available in a variety of different versions with different features - everything from triple-interface devices that feature FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 to networkable storage device that feature Ethernet ports and remote access capabilities over the Internet.

The My Book comes bundled with EMC Retrospect Express backup software, intelligent drive management features and three-year limited warranties.

The newest models feature WD's own 750GB hard disk drive mechanism. The 1.5 terabyte models are RAID systems that use two of the 750GB drives together.