A mobile app out today could help UK data centre managers do their job while on holiday in the Algarve, Hawaii, the Alps, or anywhere else in the world with an internet connection for that matter.

Emerson Network Power – a provider of data centre software and hardware – claims that the mobile version of its data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tool, Trellis, will enable holidaying data centre managers to do aspects of their jobs while abroad, provided they have an internet connection.

John Curran, Emerson Power Network VP of product management, told Techworld: “When data centre managers are online they can see what power is being consumed, how that power is connected and any problems that might be occurring,” said Curran. “So there’s a lot of information right there if they need it.”

The free Trellis Power System Manager mobile app (currently only available on iPad) aims to improve data centre efficiencies and allow data centre managers to monitor the performance of their facility in real time. Emerson Network Power claims that this gives them richer insights that can be used to reduce the risk of downtime and improve operational efficiencies.

The app includes a virtual diagram of a power chain from the grid to the rack, which allows users to observe the entire power system, view capacity utilisation in real time and predict energy consumption. The Trellis Power Manager app also details how much energy each bit of equipment is using in a data centre.

Emerson Network Power suggest that the app can be taken onto the floor of a data centre to find, add, remove and reposition racks without having to consult a desktop computer. The barcode scanning and image recognition technology means the mobile app can be used to deliver real-time updates, according to Emerson Network Power.

While the app sounds interesting, Curran revealed that only four or five data centres in Europe currently use the Trellis platform, which has been created from scratch over the past three years. There are also a number of other similar desktop-based DCIM solutions already on the market. 

However, 451 Research analyst Michelle Bailey said: “Adding new mobile access, image recognition, power management and asset management capabilities positions Emerson to address the escalating needs of the DCIM marketplace, while offering a tangible solution for a future data centre.”