Mike Manos, an influential figure in data centre design and construction, has resigned from Digital Realty Trust to take on a new position at Nokia's cloud division.

Manos, who announced his resignation from Digital Realty Trust on Friday after less than a year at the company, will be Nokia’s vice president of service operations, with global responsibility for the strategy, operation and infrastructure for Nokia’s new cloud and mobile services platforms.

In his blog, Manos said of the Nokia position: "Its an incredibly exciting role especially when you think of the fact that the number of mobile handhelds around the world are increasingly becoming the interface by which people are consuming information.  Whether that be Navigation-based applications or other content related platforms your phone is becoming your gateway to the world."

"I remain firm in my endorsement of Digital Realty Trust and hope that my involvement has helped to move the company forward," he was quoted as saying in a statement from Digital Realty.

Digital Realty designs, builds and manages large data centres for third parties, including collocation providers and hosting companies. It is one of the biggest providers of such services worldwide.

The company hired Manos last April as senior vice president of technical services, where he oversaw design, construction and technical operations for Digital Realty's data centres worldwide. Before that, he ran Microsoft's Data Centre Services division.

Manos has been a champion of containerised data centres like those being used on a large scale at Microsoft's new data centre in Chicago. Containerised data centres pack servers and other compute gear into shipping containers, and they can help companies boost energy efficiency or delay the need to construct new data centres.

Manos is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences on energy efficiency and other data centre topics. He is also a proponent of building data centres in a more modular, standardised way, where mechanical and electrical components are designed and can then be reused in a "cookie-cutter" fashion.

Digital Realty said Dave Caron, senior vice president for portfolio management, will oversee technical operations, and Jim Smith, chief technology officer, will oversee design and construction on an interim basis, both effective 1 February.