Microsoft has launched a product based on the Whale Communications virtual private networking (VPN) software it bought last year to let users get to corporate applications remotely.

Intelligent Application Gateway 2007, (IAG 2007) works with the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server to give remote users a secure tunnel through the corporate firewall to Outlook e-mail accounts and other corporate applications. It uses the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol to give VPN access via a Web browser.

Microsoft and Whale had offered a combined version of their products since December 2005, but IAG 2007 is the first version of this software released since Microsoft purchased Whale in July 2006.

The software's licensing has been changed to allow customers to pay one price for the Application Gateway and various add-ons like network connectors, software modules and application optimisers - but Microsoft did not say how much it would charge for the new software.

IAG 2007 can be purchased in pre-configured appliances built by Network Engines and Celestix Networks.